Excellence in Canadian Telehealth Award

This annual Canadian Health Informatics Award recognizes a program, project or service provider for significant contribution to telehealth in Canada.

Nominations are closed for 2015. COACH thanks all nominees and nominators.


Nominations are submitted by Canadian Telehealth Forum members and the recipient is selected by the Adjudication Committee based upon specific criteria. The program, project or service provider:
  • Serves as a forum for the collection, exchange and dissemination of information related to telehealth;
  • Interfaces with other organizations, institutions, governments, governmental organization, individuals, societies and corporations involved or concerned with the development and implementation of telehealth activities, healthcare and healthcare services and encourages cooperation;
  • Assists in the education of individuals, organizations, corporations and societies with respect to telehealth;
  • Promotes and encourages the use of telecommunications and related technologies in the delivery of primary care and continuing education;
  • Promotes the use of telehealth in order to improve the healthcare delivery system, to assist in the improvement of access to healthcare delivery and to benefit the participants in healthcare systems;
  • Encourages telehealth research;
  • Actively promotes the advancement of telehealth, including but not limited to, telehealth technologies and their application for the benefit of their clients; and/or
  • Is a model of the integration of telehealth into the organization's delivery of services or encourages and demonstrates an ability to integrate telehealth services into the Electronic Health Record.
  • Recipients of these awards are restricted to telehealth programs, projects or service providers operating in Canada who have developed or leverage telehealth technology to provide clinical, educational or administrative support to the health care sector;
  • No individuals or for-profit corporations quality for these awards;
  • The submission demonstrates successful adoption of their solution within the health care system and show sustained growth over the period since implementation. The application should include concrete utilization metrics or examples of adoption.
The 2015 award will be presented at the CHIA Gala during e-Health 2015 Conference in Toronto June 2, 2015.

2014 Winner: British Columbia Telehealth Development Committee Island Health Telehealth

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